KIX Airport Transfer to/from Fukui

This offer is valid until March 10th, 2021

¥50,000 per car (one way)

Remark: The charge is per car not per person.

INCLUSIONS: Tax, Car, Driver, Fuel Fees, Parking Fees, Toll Fees, Airport Pick-Up (Drop-Off) and Hotel Drop-Off (Pick-Up)

  • 9pax ¥5,600 per pax
  • 8pax ¥6,250 per pax
  • 7pax ¥7,500 per pax
  • 6pax ¥8,500 per pax
  • 5pax ¥10,000 per pax
  • 4pax ¥12,500 per pax
  • 3pax ¥17,000 per pax
  • 2pax ¥25,000 per pax
  • 1pax ¥50,000 per pax

CAR TYPE: Toyota HIACE 2019 (max 9 pax)

BUSINESS HOURS: 24 hours everyday

Get your free quote!

WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat/Line: +818043948008

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