The BEST Yakiniku in Osaka

Yakiniku is Japanese styled BBQ If you are meat lovers, you must not miss this menu. Thai Yakiniku restaurant (Itto) is wholesaling meat in Osaka besides opening their own Yakiniku restaurants. Therefore, they can provide the good quality of meat at their restaurant with lower prices. Today, we have this Yakiniku at original restaurant whichContinue reading “The BEST Yakiniku in Osaka”

Car Rental with English Speaking Japanese Driver in Japan

Whether you are traveling with a family, friends and/or organising a tour for a big group of traveler in Japan from your home country, you can count on us especially car rental and English speaking Japanese driver. There are many car rental services from our company based in Osaka. Most famous car rentals among ourContinue reading “Car Rental with English Speaking Japanese Driver in Japan”

Best & Premium Rice Ball in Convenient Store – Japanese Onigiri

This is the premium & must try rice ball (Onigiri) in Japan. You cannot find them easily as they are always out of stock. When you see them, please grab them quickly. The yummiest and the most of expensive of all rice ball you could find the in the convenient stores. Usually available at “some”Continue reading “Best & Premium Rice Ball in Convenient Store – Japanese Onigiri”

Best Thai Restaurant in Osaka & Kobe

Have you ever noticed that Thai Food in Japan is more delicious than Thai Food in Thai? I have been living in Japan for over 7 years and this is what my friends and I noticed. As discussed with many Thai Chiefs here, we agreed that better quality of meat, seafood & vegetables made yummierContinue reading “Best Thai Restaurant in Osaka & Kobe”